The story of me in a nutshell….Italian-American, native New Yorker…

I’m looking to uncover moments in life that make me smile..and there are so many of them….

I’ve got the writing bug somewhere inside me and it’s biting me, telling me to get my words out there…so after much gentle guidance by my loved ones around me, I’m here to share with whoever would like to read about things I find interesting here in New York and surely beyond…

Now please sit back and enjoy the show…the tickets are free and I’ve just made some freshly-popped popcorn….

Ciao amici!



    • Thanks so much for nominating me! I will participate 🙂
      I’ve got some questions though.
      I’m not sure how to figure out who has less than 200 followers?
      And I too don’t know 11 bloggers well yet..may I pick 5 too?
      Do they have to know me?
      Also what is the award about?
      Thanks for answering my questions and thanks again for the nomination and shout out!


  1. i just love new york. although i have never been outside my own country, new york is one of the places which fascinates me a lot. Glad to find someone from there who can share all the magic the city has. 🙂


    • Ciao and thanks so much for your lovely feedback! I’m glad you enjoy the photos!
      I’m half Siciliana and half Napolitana!
      I have visited Italy many times but have yet to visit Le Marche! I hope to visit one day soon!
      A presto e grazie ancora!


  2. Well, your About page, and one of your visits have captured you a Canadian follower who is quite anxious to see what kind of things a NYC girl can tell him about the big wild world south of the 49th. I have spent a lot of time on your side of that border, after traveling for thirteen years with Royal American Shows, and living for short stints in northern Florida on a dairy farm, and Las Vegas in a bunch of casinos. These days I make Vancouver, BC my home, and since I’m now one of your latest followers, I will be back to see just what it is you find yourself getting up to. Until the, keep writing, and I’ll read you later. : )

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    • Carissima! Prima di tutto, congratulazioni per il premio che hai ricevuto! Meriti questo e tanti altri!!!!
      Ho letto il tuo post oggi e tutte le tue risposte con gran piacere… Grazie di avermi menzionato!
      Sono onorata dalla tua nominazione per questo Liebster Award! Mi sento felicissima di essere stata scelta da te:)
      Ma devo essere sincera e dirti che ho gia’ scritto un post un paio di mesi fa per lo stesso award…ma anche se non riscrivo per questo award, accetto con tutto il cuore e con tante grazie a te!!!
      Un grande abbraccio,

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    • Oh my dearest! Thank you so much! I’m honored… And congrats on being nominated! Your blog is so lovely, it deserves every award!
      I really appreciate the nomination but I’m afraid I’ve written about this award before so I couldn’t twice… But thank you, thank you for thinking of me: )
      Much love,

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  3. Lia, I’ve been out of the loop for a month or so, but I suspect that you have been re-decorating at your blog: the format is quite different from what I remembered before. I love it! I wish I had time to click on more of your posts. . .

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    • Hi Sandi!
      Thank you for reading me and welcome back to blogging:-) Yes, I’ve chosen a different theme that has “thumbnail” style views of all my posts. I’m glad you like it!!
      Stop by anytime you can…I love having you!
      Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again,

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    • Hi Sandi! I’m excited for your first trip to the Big Apple! I haven’t done a post about what to wear but based on the weather forecast, I’d bring layers … seems we could have some 70s and not too hot which is good! I must say that a good pair of walking shoes is a must! Those are a necessity… I see lots of people walking in flip flops but it’s tough in my opinion to walk around with them, touring and all! There’s alot of air conditioning in stores and in the subway cars so a sweater or pashmina shawl is always in my bag!
      I’m not sure how long you will be here but I’m around during the week if you’d like to grab a coffee sometime… I’m not free on weekends unfortunately.
      Enjoy and Bon Voyage and welcome to NYC!!!
      PS you can email me at LifestyleswithLia@gmail.com

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      • Hi Sandi! Oh, it sounds like a great experience for your daughter and I’m glad you’re coming to support her! Hope you can see some sights! Your sneakers are perfect for walking ! Flats or heels for dinner: ) that’s how I roll: )
        Anyway I’m sorry we can’t meet up since you’ll be here on the weekend …but if you have questions, please drop me an email: ) PS: perhaps bring a travel umbrella? I hate to be negative but I always carry one in case of summer storms!
        Cheers and all the best,

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  4. Hey Lia…

    Sandra from A Momma’s View suggested I should drop in here. I am coming to New York in 8-10 days (first trip to USA ever!!) and I was hoping for some insider tips and suggestions 🙂

    And of course, ended up liking my time around here on your blog. Looking forward to some great time!

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