Destination Unknown…

My trip was coming up soon. The form I’d been given and asked to fill out two weeks ago was still sitting there. Its due date was fast approaching, and time waits for no one. I needed to decide fast.


Destination: I was stuck on that one. I mulled over the options. I’d never been to Mexico or Iceland, but I thought this time I’d choose Croatia. It’s an up-and-coming tourist spot.

Accommodations: Maybe a single-family house this time. Apartment life is noisy, especially when the upstairs tenant sounds like a cross between a tap dancer and professional bowler.

Hobbies: I tried running once before. Way too hard on my heart in the end. Gardening left me with too many nasty bee stings. Perhaps pottery….I loved that scene from “Ghost”.

References: Too many to count. Some more stellar than others, but I’ve been around so it comes with the territory.

Economic status: I’d been considered just about every status possible. Pros and cons for each of them.

Occupation: Hair stylist. I like to make people feel beautiful.

Build/Traits: Much taller. And curly hair.

Parents: A mom who has a cheery smile and a dad who teaches me the art of parallel parking on my 17th Birthday.

Siblings: A brooding older brother who pouts when he doesn’t get his way and an older sister who lets me borrow her clothes.

Pets: A dog and a fish. I found out the hard way that cats made me sneeze.

Arrival Time: Was it the 24th already? Yikes! Ok, I’ll choose tomorrow for my arrival. Early morning around 5am.

Baggage: I started to pack a bag but realized I wouldn’t need anything, besides my birthday suit.

Name: Hmm, good question. No idea. I’ll leave that up to them.


…..”Curica je!”

“It’s a girl!”, exclaimed the obstetrician in Croatian.

I was to be named Mirjana, after the grandmother I’d yet to meet.

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