Happy New Year!

To all my friends on WordPress,

I write this poem as I dress,

To celebrate the New Year in NYC,

Perhaps it’s off to Times Square for me?

2015 has passed, 365 days of bliss,

A cheer to the New Year, a hug and a kiss!

Thank you for your support and love,

Now let’s watch the Ball count down from above!

Watch for me, I just might be on the screen,

Here’s to a peaceful and joyous 2016!


  1. Dearest Lia, being in time’s square on new year’s eve is certainly on my bucket list! I am reading this the next day, through slightly hungover eyes. No ball drops here in Mexico, but celebrating NYs on the beach with a boomer band on the third floor of a beach resort amidst campfires and illegal fireworks must be on someone else’s bucket list, LOL! Happy New Year’s my friend, and here’s to a wonderful 2016. Loved your poem and hope to see more. Xoxo

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    • Hi Terri! Your New Year’s Eve sounds fabulous! I can imagine the beautiful and fun scene last night in Mexico! Have lots of joyous New Year’s fun and here’s to an amazing 2016 for us all! I’ll get back to more writing/blogging soon!
      All my very best to you!
      xoxo Lia

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