Ode to My Only Mode of Transportation

I allow steel beasts to transport me,

Across miles of urban landscape.

I am sent sailing along a dark labyrinth,

That lies deep beneath ancient bedrock.

I am but a mere spectator

At this grand concrete concert,

Full of humming rhythms,

That beat wildly around me.

A hasty ride to my final destination,

Is my only one request.


  1. Then I saw your title pop up in the reader, I thought, “this should be a poem”. And it was!! And wonderful one, too! It made me think of the NYC subways system as a veins of the city – pumping life from one end to the other. Another nice one, Lia!

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  2. Lia, you should have signed up for the WordPress writing poetry 201 challenge. What a way you have with words, metaphors and descriptions! Absolutely lovely! Way to take that creative energy and inspiration on your ride home and make it into such a cool poem! Have a great night!

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    • My dear Terri! Thank you! That means a lot to me:) I had fun writing it while traveling home last night:) I had seen the poetry 201 challenge but things are busy lately and I didn’t sign up .. Maybe next go around πŸ™‚ Thanks always for your support!!

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  3. Ah, I love this, Lia. It’s so poignant. I’ve never ridden on the NY metro (because the closest I’ve been to New York City is a layover in JFK a few years back) but this reminds me so much of my time last summer riding the D.C. metro. Oh, how I miss those days.

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  4. So poetic! And in my honest opinion those steel beasts actually deserve an ode all for them! The best subway system in the world!!! (I’m told in Japan they got a pretty good system too, but who cares?!?) Bravissima Lia! Una vera poeta!!!


    • Thanks Lucile for your compliment on my poetry! And especially for nominating me! Unfortunately I don’t have wifi for the next two weeks since I just moved to a new apartment so I can’t use my laptop to post in my blog:( Only cell phone typing now:( Thanks for thinking of me, though ! I’m honored !! Big hugs πŸ™‚


    • Karen! Thanks so much for your words! Yes, indeed you know what it’s like to hear about delays! Ugh!!! I’m glad you enjoyed my commuter poem ! Gotta love the NYC subways ! Hope all is well with you… Big hugs!


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