A Quote from a Wise Pencil…

This post is a bit late for Father’s Day…but when A Momma’s View nominated me for The Quotes Day Challenge, I couldn’t help but think of my dad….(and thank you, A Momma’s View, for thinking of me!)


My dad may be a man of few words but when he chooses them, he chooses them well.

Be it with a crossword puzzle or a heartfelt talk, my dad always has the right thing to say…

Whether he’s answering 64 Across “the name of a Sicilian volcano” or giving advice to family and friends, my dad’s got Β inspiring words for every moment…

One of my favorite quotes he says is: “That’s why they put erasers on pencils.”

Dad taught me to strive to be my very best…but his quote shows me that the mistakes along the way are all part of the journey.

Thanks, Dad…

PS: The answer to 64 Across is “Etna“. Β  dad crossword


  1. Un bellissimo post carissima Lia, deve essere un uomo saggio tuo padre! non si ha bisogno di mille parole, ma di parole giuste al momento giusto.
    ti auguro una buona settimana un abbraccio da Pinuccia πŸ™‚

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  2. What a lovely thought… Bless him! He is so very right. Still, I remember an art teacher who forbade erasers. His theory was that the true artist never trashes his old work but uses it to create something even better I’m the long run… πŸ˜‰

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  3. I love this quote! and the pic is so touching, do I recognize the Chanel nail coat there? πŸ˜‰ I also love the quote you posted on IG, keeping your chin up! Bless your Dad my dear and wish him a belated Happy Father”s Day. He must be so proud to have you as a daughter!

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  4. Lia, aren’t fathers wonderful? Your dad sure sounds so! Amazing what wisdom comes from a few short words. My dad always says things and has a great sense of humor! A lovely tribute to your dad! I see the apple did not fall far from the tree since he is a cross-worder and you are a writer! Cheers to you and your dad!

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    • Thank you, Terri! My dad rocks…he’s smart, sensitive, funny and yet serious and strong when necessary. Your dad sounds very much alike and cool to hang out with!
      Aww, that’s true! He loves words and so do I! Thanks for the comparison!
      Sending you hugs,

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    • Thanks, Antonia! He’s a very wise man and he’s full of inspirational (and even funny) quotes! The eraser one is one of my favorites…Thanks for reading and for your lovely comment!


  5. Such a wonderful nod to your father, Lia, and I love his quote about erasers. I am an avid crossword puzzler and cannot believe there are people in this world who do it in pen! πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you, Jet, for reading and for your very lovely reply. Indeed he’s got many quotes up his sleeve! And he adores crossword puzzles…always has. I’m glad to hear that you too like to do them. And yes, what would a crossword puzzle be like in pen! Yipes!
      Have a lovely weekend!

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    • Thank you, Sue! I was with him on Father’s Day weekend and we were talking about all his wise expressions, sayings and quotes…Then, this Quote Challenge came my way and I immediately thought of him! He didn’t know I was writing it…But then I saw him doing a crossword puzzle and asked him if I could take a handholding pic with him. He figured it was probably for my blog? So when I posted it, he understood why I asked πŸ™‚ He’s a great guy with lots of wisdom and advice!
      Thanks again for reading and for your kindest words…
      Hope things are going well for you back home in Canada πŸ™‚

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      • Lia thank you for sharing the background. I smiled whjile reading as it sounds like you have a lovely relationship with your Dad. We are settling back into Canada and this weekend I am hosting my daughter’s bridal shower! A different kind of adventure.:)

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      • Yes it is all getting very exciting now Lia. Our trip to NYC was a little getaway for the girls before the wedding. Thanks for the good wishes!


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