Friday Photo Feature: Brooklyn Bridge

Now that New York City has finally thawed…

After a long, cold winter…

I decided to take a walk…

In the evening…

From Manhattan, across the Brooklyn Bridge…

To marvel at the shapes and colors…

That the skyline creates…

brookyn bridge fix

Brooklyn Bridge 2

Brooklyn bridge 3

Brooklyn Bridge 4


  1. Every time you post pictures of New York City–a city I never thought I wanted to visit as the supposive “non-city girl” that I am–I want to visit more and more. Love these pictures, Lia! Looks like a beautiful evening in NYC. 🙂

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    • Thank you dearest Lucile! I’m so glad you enjoyed my first Friday Photo Feature after so many weeks of absence due to the darn cold temperatures!
      Yes, yes really we would be great in the travel industry: )
      Happy weekend to you too!


  2. So so so cool!!! Ah I would give anything to be there again right now! Great shots by the way! I got some shots very similar, but not at night! Why I didn’t think about a night walk on the bridge?! Anyway I’ve been lucky enough to get across the Brooklyn Bridge in two different occasions, one of them riding a bike 🙂 Have a nice weekend Lia!

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    • It would be a nice weekend to come and take a walk! It’s Memorial Day weekend so lots of people around…to honor those who died in the wars – and to celebrate life!
      PS Nighttime walks over the bridge are great..windy but very cool.
      PPS Bike riding over the bridge is fun!
      PPPS You should take some pics of Rome and post them too! I know I’d love to see the Eternal City again!
      Buon weekend!

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  3. Hello dear Lia . How wonderful to finally be able to read your blog again . Been much out there in the jungle bush without wifi or internet so have not been reading your blog or able to post much. I am now finally back after a very special trip . Been through just about everything. Plant as a person and gained new perspective on a lot of things. author Douglas Adams once wrote . I’m not there yet where I’m going but I’m where I need to be. That pretty much sums up my mind state . Have something great , I want to tell you first Lia . Are you on Facebook ? or instagram ?

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    • Hello and happy Friday! I’m glad you’re doing well and back up and running on Wi-Fi!
      It’s ironic that you mention if I’m on social media since I just recently started on instagram!! I’ll find you on it: ) I’m not on facebook though.
      Have a great weekend!!!

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  4. that last bench shot is pretty amazing – with the lights and up view – but all the photos flow seamlessly leading up to it – and the sunset one is so nice. We recently saw the documentary with the steel workers and designer talking about the Freedom Tower and so seeing your post today was timely – and it is a new era for sure – 🙂 ❤ ❤

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