How a Banana Saved my Monday


If you’re anything like me, your Monday morning started off something like this:


5.45am: My alarm rings but I mistake it for a fire engine. After all, one can dream of shirtless NYC firefighters, right?

I turn to hit the ‘snooze’ button yet unknowingly shut off the alarm instead.


6.22am: I awake in a cold sweat, realizing that I’ve overslept and my hero in suspenders is just my imagination…thanks to the atomic hot wings I ate last night.


My hair needs ironing and my skirt needs shampooing.  Or perhaps the other way around…No matter.


7.38am: I bound out the door with a half-eaten piece of dry toast in my mouth and a cup of coffee, some of which has found its way onto my freshly-shampooed skirt.


8.20am: I am riding the lucky subway that unexpectedly halts in the tunnel…for 5, 10, now 15 minutes. My hopes of arriving on time for my 9:00am meeting are dashed. Better make fast friends with my seat mates.  It’s gonna be a while.


8.49am: I run down the street faster than a NYC bike messenger after an espresso. My stomach growls with hunger pangs because a half-eaten piece of toast isn’t on the list of well-balanced breakfasts in anyone’s book.


9.05am: I jump inside a nearby fruit store to buy the first piece of fruit I see.

Ah, a banana! Yes, yes, I’ll take it!


After having grabbed this yellow beacon of hope in a hurry, I heard a whistle.


Not one of those  “Hey baby, you look good in that freshly-shampooed skirt”  kind of whistle…

But a whistle as if to say “Hey lady, turn around, you’ve got toilet paper stuck to your shoe” kind of way.


So I did just that.  I turned around.  The shop owner was whistling at me in order to catch my attention.


I mimed to him that I was going to pay for the banana, fearing he thought I would run off with this golden goodie.


Without a word and to my surprise, he walked towards me and pointed to the banana I had chosen. I only then noticed it was overripe and mushy.


He smiled and covertly handed me another one…Fresher and yellower…That’s all.  I thanked the pure-hearted produce purveyor, paid and proceeded to my office.


I walked into my 9am meeting, late but with a smile.


He started my week off on the right fruit.


bunches of bananas


  1. Awesome story! You know I love a feel-good moment, and you were lucky enough to get one early on a Monday morning! Though I might debate the merits of staying in bed with the firefighters just a while longer…;) Happy Monday, Lia, and have a fantastic week ahead!

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    • Thank you, Karen! It was indeed a good and kind way to change the course of my Monday morning gone awry!
      And hmmm…indeed, how come the alarm always rings at the wrong moment!
      Cheers to you, my friend!


    • Indeed, he was a true gift today…I clearly woke up on the ‘wrong side of the bed’ and he turned my Monday morning right around…I was touched by his kindness in my regard and by his sharp eye to spot a bad piece of fruit!
      Thank you for your visit 🙂


  2. Oh I was chuckling at your shampooed skirt. Hopefully not too damp for the train. 🙂
    So lovely of the shopkeeper to be looking out for you like that. Besides the banana an act of kindness to get the week started right. Sending you all my very best wishes and hugs for a great week ahead.

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  3. Lia, that is the best description of life in NYC! At least sitting on the subway you can catch your breath instead of gnashing your teeth on the freeway (like I used to do), and you can get some exercise while running to the subway. Then you got your much needed potassium in the yummy banana and still arrived not too late. But the description of the journey and waking up with firemen (heehee) and needing to shampoo your skirt was simply hilarious!! This made my Tuesday morning (as I am reading this now). I’m telling you that you need to post more often. Funny as heck! Hope your Tuesday was less eventful. Mwaah (air kiss) my dear, Lia!

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    • Thanks, Terri! It’s true that this is life here in NYC :-)…most of the time however, I’m on time and there aren’t subway delays thankfully! Indeed, driving on a traffic-laden freeway can’t be any better though…I was practicing my mindful relaxation on the subway in fact!
      You are right about the exercise factor…so many stairs to climb to the station and walking is a way of life!
      I’m so glad to make you smile and laugh…it’s such a good feeling to spread joy around…As you do to me!
      Air kisses right back at you!!!

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  4. Love this! I am able to incorporate alarm sounds in my dreams too. It can be dangerous. I love the idea of a banana making everything better. Glad you didn’t end up with the mushy one. Great story Lia!

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    • Thank you, Antonia! Indeed, I hear things too in my dreams that come from outside my window…cars, sirens etc.
      And I fully believe that this fruit and the kind shop owner really saved the day yesterday…Mushy bananas aren’t a good way to start anyone’s day!
      Thanks again for reading and for your comment!

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  5. Really made it 🙂 bananas are the more energizing and the smiliest fruits of all, happy it did the trick 🙂 have a lovely week my dear !

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    • Thank you! Indeed I never expected such a kind gesture! He was very sweet and changed my day right around! I was smiling the whole day! Thanks for your visit and comment! Indeed these moments restore my faith in humanity as well!


  6. started the week off on the right fruit -ha! nice one – and in your simple little share you really captured a slice of social beauty – and just the nice care side of this guy

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  7. I can’t wait until the day you compile your post into a Novel 😃
    I so enjoy reading you and dreaming back in time when I lived in New York as
    A struggling musician with big dreams 🎶
    Hope you’re doing great and I can so relate to your

    Lot’s of love /LiberianME

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    • Thank you!!! Your words have a way of touching my heart and soul… I will write a book one day for sure… You inspire me!
      I’m glad you experienced the joys of NYC! I can imagine you as an awesome musician!
      And indeed the mornings here can me rough!
      Cheers to you my friend and for your brightening words!

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  8. You are definitely “off and running” when it comes to novel writing. I always love your stories. And this one is no exception. I found myself reading faster and faster as your made your way to the banana (ha!). But really? 5am alarm? There’s your culprit! 😉

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    • Thank you Janet! Your comment warms my heart and inspires me to finally write the book that has been brewing inside my mind!
      I’m glad you enjoyed my story…it was a crazy Monday morning but it all ended very well. Yes, I agree that waking up so early can make me feel extra tired…I’m a night owl and a morning person combined!
      Thank you for reading and for your visit…I hope all is well with you!
      Sending my best wishes,

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  9. Lia, this is a funny reminder of my days in the corporate rat race. The last time I had a schedule like yours was when I lived in London, and my morning ritual was very similar to yours – well except for the skirt part. The only thing that I added to my schedule was a pre-work jog which deprived me of even more sleep. It was exciting and I was livin’ large, but honestly, as I read your post, once again realized that I don’t miss it at all. Thanks for the reminder ~James

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    • Thanks for sharing your work routine experience! Indeed, the rat race and commute is so tough… And I’m sure the pre-work jog was indeed cutting into your sleep! It sure was good exercise though… I’m glad my post reminded you of not missing the day-to-day routine!
      Cheers and happy weekend to you both!!


      • Bananaman always brings a smile – whether its your NY Bananaman or the yellow-suited cartoon!!! Ever alert for the call to action and a lady in distress!!! Hope your week is going well! ;o) X

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  10. I don’t know how I missed this post, I think my reader doesn’t work properly sometimes… Anyway I’m glad I found it checking out your blog, because you’re a great storyteller! So funny 🙂 But setting the alarm at 5.45 to be at the office at 9.00?! Seriously?! When I have the morning shift, my alarm rings at 5.15 and I got to be at work at 6.00. And it’s a 30 minute ride by car…ah ah ah I guess we have different priorities… Mine is sleeping till the last possible moment! 😉


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