Mindful Monday – “Mindful Dance” by The Lifestyles of Lia

If you’re like me, Mondays seem to be the most hectic day of the week!
Thankfully, I’ve found rest and relaxation in reading my friend, Silver Threading’s “Mindful Monday” weekly posts!

Now I really do look forward to Monday mornings!

And today, I am very grateful to be a part of “Mindful Monday” with a guest post I wrote on “Mindful Dancing”.

Thank you, Silver Threading! Please check out her fabulous blog!

…And let’s dance!

Word Craft ~ Prose & Poetry

I am pleased to introduce you to my friend Lia, who has written our first Mindful Post today about mindful dancing. Please enjoy!

The story of me in a nutshell….Italian-American, former Manhattanite, now a Hudson Valley girl…

I’m looking to uncover moments in life that make me smile, and there are so many of them….

I’ve got the writing bug somewhere inside me and it’s biting me, telling me to get my words out there…so after much gentle guidance by my loved ones around me, I’m here to share with whoever would like to read about things I find interesting here in New York and surely beyond…

Now please sit back and enjoy the show…the tickets are free and I’ve just made some freshly-popped popcorn….

Ciao amici!


Fred Astaire…Ginger Rogers…

Gene Kelly…John Travolta…

Jennifer Lopez…Gregory Hines…

Michael Jackson…Patrick Swayze…

If you’re like me, you’ve watched these amazing dancers countless…

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  1. Lovely! Oh and Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire 🙂 i am still left in awe whenever i watch them dance. At first we can still be conscious with our moves but once we get into the zone, we dont mind anything at all! Just like meditation 🙂 great reminder that there are so many ways to practice mindfulness 🙂 thanks lia!

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    • Thank you!! Indeed, dancing is a form of mindful meditation that I have witnessed and felt so strongly… The zone is a powerful place to focus on one’s feet instead of one’s fears! (For example)… I love finding different ways to meditate and I’m glad you enjoyed the post:)
      Have an amazing rest of your Tuesday.. Mine is just beginning:)

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  2. As a secret bedroom dancer myself, I can relate. There’s nothing more embarrassing than one of my kids or my husband walking in when I’m in the throes of “Cool” from West Side Story or “I Think I Got It” from A Chorus Line. Oh well. We dancers can’t help it. Thanks for reminding me how important it is and that I’m not alone.

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    • Oh, you’re just like me! I love “West Side Story” in fact too! I like the Officer Krupke song too! Dancing is a great way to release all your cares and just focus on the moment…Keep it up and have fun! Thank you for the visit and for the comment!


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