How a Hollywood Rattlesnake Changed My Life…


In New York City, I’ve had my share of animal encounters.

A squirrel once stole my sandwich in Central Park…

A rat once ran in front of my feet on the subway platform…

A pigeon once dropped a “surprise” on my new jacket…

A cockroach once lived inside my dishwasher and refused to move out…

As you can imagine, none of these New York animal encounters were particularly life-altering.

But a trip to California this week showed me how an animal could teach me a life lesson.

I learned it as I hiked up a hill….

A huge hill…a huge Hollywood hill…a huge Hollywood hill that had rattlesnakes…


rattlesnake sign

Confident and courageous Californians climbed past this serious sign without blinking.

But this nervous New Yorker stopped to read the sign…and read it again…


Suddenly, I missed those pesky, pooping pigeons and sneaky, sandwich-stealing squirrels of Central Park.

Heck, I’d even rendez-vous with a rat over a rattlesnake.

But somewhere, deep inside of me, I decided to continue the hike towards the summit.Β  Rattlesnakes and all…

As the scorching sun slightly singed my skin, I never took my eyes off the trail.Β  I feared that one of those foot-less foes would slither in front of me.

Only once I finally reached the top, I dared to look up.

And Mother Nature rewarded me for my perseverance with a pair of different (and less dangerous) members of the Animal Kingdom.


So thanks, Mr. Rattlesnake.Β  This wonderful view washed away my worry and woe.

I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to see you this time, but look me up if you are ever in the Big Apple.

I know a couple of rats I’m sure you’d love to meet.






  1. Oh goodness, I have a bit of a fear of snakes so I would have been an anxious mess on that walk! I opened this post with the half-fear that there would be a picture of a rattle snake somewhere on the page!
    The view certainly looks like it was rewarding, though!
    Hope you had a dandy time in California. πŸ™‚

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  2. First of all, your posts are my favourite, you know that, don’t you?! Secondly, you live in NY and go spend the weekends in L.A., what the hell?! I would trade a good face to face with a rattlesnake, for a week like yours! But I’m glad to hear you’re safe and sound!

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    • lol your comment made me laugh!!! I’m glad you enjoy my posts but wow, you’d battle with a rattlesnake to change places? Hmmm, you’re very courageous!!
      It was beautiful and a great trip, as you know how pretty the West Coast is!
      Grazie mille and believe me, I’d trade places to be in bella Roma now!
      Buona domenica!

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  3. Well I know what you are talking about. We do have rattlesnakes in the high grasses in the open natural areas in some places. I can understand your being apprehensive after seeing a sign about it. We have mountain lions in the Santa Monica mountains. Not a ton of them but I did hear a nature docent talk about how to look out for and avoid mountain lions. I think you have to keep your eyes open when hiking and stay on the trails. Not go off into the high grass. My daughter loves to hike and sometimes she drags me along for short hikes. I do love getting out in nature and seeing all the beautiful vistas. We have a lot of beautiful vistas out here in California. I hope you enjoyed your visit. πŸ™‚

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    • Hi Deborah!
      California was absolutely gorgeous and I’m suffering from palm tree withdrawal. What an amazing, lovely place to be! The nature and views were unforgettable.
      Oh, mountain lions? Wow, I can only imagine! That’s pretty scary stuff. But yes, one must be mindful of staying on the trails and keeping aware of the surroundings.
      In all, it was a fabulous trip and I hope to return soon!
      Have a great rest of your weekend,

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  4. Being out here in the Mountain West, I am always amazed by the wildlife that I never saw in my Queens neighborhood. There is a lot to see if you look up, but similar danger lurking just around the corner.

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  5. Never let anything stand in your way of greatness, Lia!! There is always a reward for overcoming your fears! What if I had run from you in the street? lol! Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures! xoxo

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  6. There’s a pet for ya! Lol!

    How cool you got to go to California! I’ve never been, nor have I been to New York. Definitely two bucket-list destinations! Jealous, but happy for you! πŸ™‚

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    • Indeed, I couldn’t handle a snake!
      I hope you’ll get to visit NY and CA one day soon. You and I would paint the town red here in NYC!!!!
      Cheers and it’s back to work for me tomorrow…
      All my very best to you for a great start to the new week!

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  7. Oh, Lia! you were so close but yet so far from me, here in Sacramento! I am glad you liked LA (I hate LA, love San Diego more). Did you know rattlesnakes or snakes of any kind do not like the hot sun? If it was more than 75 degrees they were hiding under a nice cool rock. My mom had a nature terrarium and I learned how to handle king and gopher snakes and tarantulas. Ewww! What was the occasion for being in LA? Hope it was delightful! Loved your flutterbyes πŸ™‚

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    • Hi Terri ! Yes, I was so close to where you are! If I were in northern CA I definitely would’ve contacted you!
      Oh really? I didn’t know about snakes and the hot sun… Makes me feel better! You have cool experience with snakes and tarantulas I see! Next time, we can hike together so you can guide me!
      I had Spring Break off from work so I took advantage of the week off to spend it in the glorious sunshine in CA!
      Thanks and have a super start to the week! May there be flutterbyes in your day too! (Love this…)

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  8. Lia – snakes are not my thang either – and the photo of that view – love it ❀
    also, I like the one you shared of the signs – really has that aged feel and shows the character of the place. I love California so much – and well, hope your visit is going great….

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    • Oh thank you! It was indeed worth it in the end, but I must admit I was quite anxious on the way up! It was a cool experience overall and I miss California already: )!
      Cheers and happy Wednesday!


  9. What an exciting experience for a city girl! Your previous encounters seemed like a piece of cake, compared to meeting a rattle snake! And I am happy you didn’t meet any!
    From the unpleasant side of the animal kingdom, I met pigeons, spiders, mice, and cockroaches…I want to keep like that.
    As always, your posts are filled with joy and good vibes! Love it. Thanks, Lia.

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