Sequel to “Diary of a Stink Bug”

The Stink Bug is back!

The much-anticipated sequel to “Diary of a Stink Bug” is here!

Thanks to all of you whose support helped make this Part 2 a reality!


Dear Diary,

Monday, 8am

Last week, after triumphantly traversing the Great Tiled Way, I saw that cute spider again.  My stinkbug heart beat a little faster upon seeing her.

She had just spun a glorious web near the bathroom window and the silken threads of her masterpiece shone brilliantly in the sun.

The cute spider said hello to me, but she didn’t ask me out this time…

Perhaps she’s been creeping around with another bug since meeting me last week?

Tuesday, 3pm

The cute spider explained to me today that no one ever catches her because she’s swift on her feet (I would be too if I had 8 legs).

Her confidence, along with her creativity, really impressed me.

She told me that tomorrow, she’ll be visiting her parents in Pittsburgh and would be away for the day.

I can’t wait until she comes back…I promised myself I would ask her out then.

Wednesday, 2.30am

I can’t sleep. I can’t stop thinking of the cute spider.

Those eyes…Those legs…That silky web…

Wednesday, 5pm

I got to thinking that surely the cute spider was out of my league…She wouldn’t want to be with a bumbling bug like me.

So I decided to erase all traces of my “stinkbugness”.

While the cute spider was away, I studied everything there is to know about bugs that are far more cooler than me.

Wasps, fire ants, horned beetles…

I mimicked their powerful stance and their stinging glance.

I even thought to call myself Pentatomidae, my Greek name from entomology because it’s far more exotic-sounding than “stinkbug”.

Thursday, 12 noon

The cute spider will arrive back to the apartment later on tonight. This is my big chance to ask her out.

I perfected the aloof yet cunning “bad bug” attitude that I’ve been practicing in the bathroom mirror. I topped it all off by dipping my feet into a bottle of cologne that was left opened on the sink.

This stinkbug surely won’t be seen looking (or smelling) like one.

Friday, 9pm

The cute spider got back to the apartment yesterday around midnight.

Inside of me, I was thrilled to see her again…but on the outside, I acted cool.

Super cool.

I didn’t give her an ounce of attention (You know, kind of like a hornet or a millipede would do in the same situation).

The cute spider said that there was something unusual about me and abruptly left before I could say a word…

I felt squashed inside.

Saturday, 1 pm

After yesterday’s disastrous rejection, I rinsed off the traces of Old Spice left between my toes and crawled back into my usual position on the bathroom floor.

The cute spider didn’t come around this morning.

I knew it.

She was turned off by my pure “stinkbugness”.

I realized that there is no amount of cologne in the world that could simply wash it all away.

Sunday, 10pm

The cute spider made an unexpected visit to the bathroom tonight and caught me off guard with a piece of dental floss stuck between my teeth and remnants of toothpaste in the corners of my mouth.

Cool, real cool…

She said that before she left for Pittsburgh, I was a different kind of bug.

She said that I made her smile with the goofy way I bumped into things and with the clunky way I walked.

She said that she appreciated how I never noticed any imperfections in her web design…and how I never remarked about her hairy legs.

She said she could be herself around me and she liked that.

No bigwig earwig could ever make her feel the same way.

But she said that now, I’ve changed.

Since I had erased all evidence of my “stinkbugness”, the cute spider wasn’t interested in me anymore.

I blew it.

So in a last ditch effort to win her love, I traveled around the bathroom as goofily and as clunkily as I knew how.

I was desperate to regain the “stinkbugness” in me that I had previously hidden from the cute spider.

And I didn’t even notice the “petit stink” that escaped from me as I accidentally crashed into the glass shower door and landed straight into a mound of tissues in the wastebasket.

Cool, real cool…

The cute spider rushed towards me to see if I was ok. She threw her 8 legs around me and hugged as tightly as she could.

She didn’t let go…

And neither did I…

painted stink bug on white vase



  1. Lia, this is absolutely fabulous!! I read it out loud to my husband and his favorite line was “I mimicked their powerful stance and their stinging glance.” We both LOL’d! You really have a gift for fiction and such an imagination! Bravo! And your fellow bloggers will feel the same way as I do!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Aw, yay! I’m so glad he dropped his “bad bug” attitude and reverted to being the original stinkbug that he was. Good for the spider for setting him right again. Oh, and I’ll be laughing over the “petit stink” for days… wonderfully clever and witty post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Lia, the sequel is getting popular! No surprise!! You are showing an incredible talent to craft stories with great imagination, creativity, fun and wit. Someone said that you can write children’s book. I totally agree. You are ready!! Go for it. You’re a story teller that entertains and brings also an important message to the reader.
    Way to go.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lucile,
      To wake up and find so many beautiful comments in regards to the Sequel has indeed given me an enthusiastic push to publish this! The feedback I’ve received, as well as your amazing words, really inspire me to take it to the next step!
      Thank you my dear friend!
      Have a glorious day and happy April!


      • Lia,
        I’m extremely happy to hear that and guarantee you that we won’t let you down. As you can see here, we applaud you enthusiastically. Go ahead, you’ll succeed.
        Thanks for the lovely wishes. Back at you are lots of good wishes for a warmer, healthy and happy new month.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lucile,
        Your words have done it again…They inspire me to greatness and give me the support I need to make my dream become a reality! I look forward to publishing this! Thanks to all of you out there in the blogosphere who are standing besides me 🙂
        A million hugs,


  4. Oh little stink bug! How we’ve missed you! I’m so glad you realize how important it is to be yourself no matter what! The true you is so much better than you may think and will bring you more than you could possibly imagine! Look, you got a talented beauty with not two, not four, but EIGHT legs! Nice job, my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Carissima! Ti ringrazio di cuore per avermi nominata per il Liebster Award!
      Avevo gia’ accettato un po’ di tempo fa sul mio blog ma vorrei ringraziarti lo stesso per avermi pensato…e vorrei rispondere alle tue domande, visto che sono molto interessanti (mi e’ piaciuto leggere anche le tue risposte)…

      1. Secondo te qual’è la tua qualità migliore? La mia capacita’ di far sorridere la gente intorno a me :-).

      2. In quale paese vorresti vivere? Prima, direi l’Italia perche’ li’ mi sento veramente a casa. Secondo, direi un paese dove fa sempre caldo, del tipo Singapore!
      3. Su un’isola deserta puoi portare solo 3 cose/persone. Cosa/chi porti? Sono fortunata! Mamma, Papa’ e sorella!
      4. Cosa sognavi di fare da grande e cosa fai in realtà? Sognavo di fare l’artista/pittore…Ora sono insegnante d’inglese. Mi piace…
      5. La tua più grande paura è….ammalarmi…morire..
      6. Un sogno nel cassetto? Pubblicare un libro! 🙂
      7. Non potresti proprio vivere senza…la mia famiglia, caffe’, trucco, TV, il mio cellulare,
      8. Mare, montagna, campagna o città? Mare/citta’…Mare in estate e citta’ sempre…Montagna o campagna per un giorno ma non per vivere…
      9. Qual’è il libro che ti è rimasto nel cuore e perchè?
      “Eat, Pray, Love” di Elizabeth Gilbert. La sua storia mi ha rimasta nel cuore.
      10. A quale dei personaggi di libri o film o serie tv vorresti somigliare e perchè? Liza Minelli per i miei occhi grandi!

      Grazie di nuovo! Buona Pasqua a te e ai tuoi cari!
      Salutoni dalla Grande Mela,


  5. I will never EVER look at a spider the same way again. Let alone a bug! I loved this story, you really made me laugh, the sequence with the floss among so many of them got me laughing out loud! You are an exceptional writer, I am a big fan of your sense of humor 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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