The Only Month that’s also a Verb….


Today I decided that the month of March would in fact represent movement, motivation and energy.  I would “march” right into this new month, full of vigor and verve!


Now, you may be thinking that I went on a hike through snowy Central Park or that I shopped the Fifth Avenue sales in search of a cute spring sweater…


But for me, the start of this month meant a different (and perhaps less exciting) activity…


Doing laundry.


Living in an apartment with no washer/dryer means that a weekly trip to the local laundromat is vital if I’d like to keep any of my friends…


So today, on this first day of March, I did just that. I collected all my dirty unmentionables into my laundry bag and marched boldly out the door.


Now, Caesar may have been warned to “Beware the Ides of March” but I think I failed to get that memo…


My Herculean-sized laundry bag got the best of me and became a clumsy, cumbersome weight in my arms.  The gods were not on my side as I tripped down the very last step of the staircase in my lobby.


Thankfully, my left pinky finger was the only victim of my washing woes.   But my delicate digit turned a few shades too blue and a few sizes too big…


Yet I remained valiant and carried on with my quest for floral-scented towels…


When I got home from the laundromat (with all my clothes smelling like a bouquet of begonias), I realized I should see my doctor.  But being Sunday, his office was closed.


In his absence, I decided to pool together all my resources and create a make-shift splint to tide me over until tomorrow.


So thanks to the Garden of Tofu restaurant for being a light at the end of the tunnel in my time of need!



In essence, March has indeed begun with a lot of movement…


In fact, my available eight fingers are getting a good workout as I type this!


  1. The only month that is a verb…further proof that March is up there at the top of the list of best months (though I may be a little biased…it is my birthday month). I, for one, enjoy doing laundry (I did it today, too, in fact!) and find myself feeling quite quite productive and refreshed in the aftermath (perhaps because of the refreshing floral smell of the detergent I use). Laundry day seems hardly boring at all to me!

    I do hope your pinky feels better soon!

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    • Oh happy early birthday! 🙂
      Indeed March is a great month… But I have to admit that I too love the clean results that laundry brings!
      Thanks for your well-wishes:))) I hope I’ll be able to type normally again soon:)


  2. Kudos on your makeshift splint. I’d never have thought to pick up a packet of chopsticks. But they work great, even if a bit long. So, like, be careful of carelessly scratching your nose!

    I remember those long treks to the laundry mat in my NY days. Luckily, I finally moved into a brownstone that had a laundry in the basement. And an elevator!

    Better you shoulda gone shopping, Chica….

    Heal fast. J.

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    • Thanks, Janet ! I was thinking of using a Popsicle stick if I had one… But chopsticks were the next best thing… Indeed it should prove difficult tomorrow morning in applying my eye makeup!
      Yes laundry life is one of those necessities that make me wish for either an elevator or basement facilities! Oh well, my next place!
      Yes, I should’ve searched the sales instead:)
      Sending you much joy and friendship,


  3. Oh Miss Lia, I’m so sorry you slipped and perhaps broke your pinky! I hope it heals soon and really isn’t broken. If so and you have to wear a cast, be sure to take a photo so we can all cyber-sign it. Hopefully it won’t come to that. And yay March!

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  4. Ouch! I hope you get to see the doctor ASAP. Th chopstix won’t hold it for long, that’s for sure 😀 and I realized that what you said was true. It’s the only month that is a verb! I should really get my stuff together! the first quarter of the month is almost done! my laundry, on the other hand, they are slowly turning into a giant bulk hee hee! have a safe day Lia!


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  5. Dear friend,
    I’m so sorry to hear that!
    I hope that by now you’ve been to a doctor and that your pinky is not broken.
    You’ve been creative! Loved the chopstick splint.
    It’s a fun post to read! The message is clear; we should start marching and get all those plans off the paper or our heads. Thanks!
    I wish you a beautiful week and a speedy recovery!
    PS. I crushed my right pinky last week when closing a door. Solidarity!

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    • Thanks for your concern! Unfortunately the doctor said indeed it’s broken so now it’s three weeks in a more suitable splint… But he liked my Macgyver one that I made!
      Yes, who knew laundry was a contact sport!
      Thanks again and my best to you in Indiana:)


  6. Your dedication to clean laundry and typing your post with a broken pinky is admirable. And you show a lot of resourcefulness in the choice of splints. I am sending along healing thoughts to your little finger and wishes for a very productive and hope some fun too in March.

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  7. If March is the only month that is also a verb….then March 4th is a date that is also a command. 😀
    So sorry to learn about your poor little finger. It comes as such a shock, doesn’t it? You are just going along…. Moving forward…… Making progress….. When bam! It’s almost offensive. Not to mention painful. Adding insult to injury!
    I hope it isn’t hurting too much….
    I must say, I’m with you on the happy satisfaction a load of clean, folded laundry gives. It’s one of my favourite chores.
    Great post – as always!

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    • Oh I love that!!! March 4th is indeed a command! Wow, this month is full of go-getter possibilities!
      Thanks for your concern about my poor broken pinky… Feels weird in the splint but it’s teaching me to slow down… Maybe that was the message in all of this!
      It’s not painful thankfully…
      And indeed, freshly washed clothing is a great part of doing this chores!
      Thanks again for your concern!
      All my best,

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  8. Hi Lia ! So sorry to hear about your injure :/ Hope it get well soon ❤ .I agree with you on Mars .It´s the M in Motivation.I´m Preparing for my next trip ..Another adventure awaits ..It´s always inspiring to read your blog and dream away all the way to the streets of New York and see life thru your eyes and pen . You´re awesome !

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    • Thanks Simon! I’m hanging in with a splint on my poor broken pinky but it’s not terrible at all…
      I’m looking forward to seeing your next adventure and yes, March is a great month to get inspired!!
      I’m always humbled by your compliments about my blog and I’m so glad I can bring a piece of the Big Apple to you all via my blog: )
      Happy Tuesday and happy March!

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  9. Blimey, that laundrette malarkey is a dangerous business!! I hope your pinky is well on the mend now hon and that you’re taking suitable safety precautions in future with knee pads, elbow pads and a crash helmet! Take care!! ;o)

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  10. So how is this finger now? hope you recovered! Your post really made me laugh, nice walk on memory lane, when I was a student.. I really loved the smell of the fresh clothes, loved that you mentioned it 🙂 take good care of you precious friend, and when you come to Cebu, no worries, we have a washing machine at home 😉


  11. I hadn’t thought of months as verbs Lia, but inspired by your post, I did a bit of thinking. I don’t want to nitpick, but according to the dictionary, may is an auxiliary verb: as in “It may rain.” And doing laundry is bad enough but to suffer an injury in the process – oh! the injustice. Have a great weekend. ~James


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