Stay tuned…

Stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚




  1. Oh Lord, Mishmash our scatty cat chases them around the house and pafs them with her paw. They then release their toxic gas, Mishmash meows and vacates the room.

    How did stink bugs survive evolution? They fly around the room and run straight into walls or doors, fall onto the floor, normally landing on their backs and spend 10 mins waving their legs in the air until the cat arrives and bats them across the room.

    What with stink bugs, mosquitoes and Telecom Italia, I really don’t know how I survive Italy. (maybe the wine helps ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

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    • Oh your cat likes these little critters too? They’re indeed mysterious how they’ve survived evolution and they look rather prehistoric, in fact… Yes this guy in my apt tends to stick around in one place or else walk back and forth across the ceiling. I get a kick out of watching him, wondering how he calculates his next move…
      Viva l’Italia per tutte le sue bellezze… But stink bugs , mosquitoes, and the phone company are indeed less pleasurable than a bottle of Brunello and a tray of cannelloni!!!

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  2. Lia, that is such an adorable story, even for a stinkbug! I remember squishing them as a kid, and they were even stinkier! So now I flick them outside or away somewhere else. Or let my dogs mess with them. Maybe you can keep this story going, I’m dying to know if he and the spider go out, LOL!

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    • Hi Janet! Thank you so much for your lovely feedback! I’ve been meaning to write you… Happy New Year and I hope the year has been a great one so far!
      Much admiration and well wishes, coming your way…


  3. What a funny and clever post! Since our basement in Queens was unfinished (and damp), we often had these gigantic millepieds on the wall that I think were even too much for my father to handle. I would generally avoid the basement at all costs when they were out and about! ๐Ÿ™…

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