Do you know Juno?

Apparently no one in New York City did until this morning … 

“Juno” is the name given to the incoming blizzard that is scheduled to dump a total of 20-30 inches (50-76 centimeters) of snow on the Big Apple by tomorrow.

Needless to say, “Juno” is definitely no friend of mine …

He/She has already snarled subways, confused commuters, taunted taxis and perturbed pedestrians.

So on my long commute home from work, I cursed “Juno” one or more times out loud (forgive me, Mom).

And just when I thought I couldn’t take the side-swept winds anymore, something stopped me in my tracks…

There are those who like “Juno”?


That’s right, the littlest of Big Apple residents welcomed “Juno’s” January jaunt.

These storm fans stomped in piles of snow and laughed while collecting batches of freshly-fallen “Juno” in an attempt to make a fragile snowman.

This scene instantly made me recall my youth in New York.

As kids, we’d build snow forts with cake pans and kitchen utensils.  And make snow angels that seemed ethereal, despite the melting snow that dripped down our coat collar and sleeves.

You could say that I was raised on frozen fun…  

Mom was literally an “ice queen”.  Each winter, she’d stash snow in the freezer and then one random day in July, she’d surprise us kids with trays full of winter’s best souvenir.

The rapidly-melting hunks of snow were a kid’s equivalent to uncovering an ancient Roman fresco that hasn’t been seen in thousands of years.

One beam of sunlight and they’d disappear…

So as “Juno” jumps into full-force overnight, I’ll dream of those days as a kid, when snow meant fun and fascination for me!

But this time around, I’ll wait until Wednesday before I wallow in “Juno’s” winter wonderland!

kids playing in snow 1

kids playing in snow 2

kid looking blizzard 3


  1. Juno, eh? That’s interesting! Did you know that “Juno, in Roman religion, chief goddess and female counterpart of Jupiter. Juno was connected with all aspects of the life of women, most particularly married life. After Flora gave her an herb, Juno gave birth to Mars. She became a female guardian angel; as every man had his genius, so every woman had her juno. Thus, she represented, in a sense, the female principle of life.” – Encyclopedia Britannica
    Curious name for a storm……..
    That said…..stay warm, and dry, and safe. “Juno” is heading this way tomorrow – so I’m battening down the hatches tonight.

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    • Oh wow thank you so much for looking this up! I have to admit I wasn’t sure if it was a male or female name and now I know. Juno sounds like a very strong goddess ..Mars’ mom and a guardian angel…I love it!
      Yes batten down the hatches because it seems that it will be bad starting here at midnight tonight. Let’s hope everybody is okay. Sending you all my very best!

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      • I know! (I thought Juno was a male, too!) Turns out “she” is an interesting character….
        I don’t think we are expecting quite as much snow as you are. More like 20 cm or 8 inches (ish).I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow….

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      • Thanks again Janet! I must admit that I thought Juno could have been male seeing the final “o” in the name! I guess I’m better at my Greek mythology than I am my Roman! LOL! Thanks for this interesting information and here’s hoping that the storm passes without great snow levels!


    • Thank you for your concern:) we are all ok here and staying inside… No trains and a driving ban on all roads so the city is like a ghost town!
      Thanks again for your concern and for your visit, as always! At least I can stay home and cook!

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  2. Wow, Lia. What a weather adventure! I see why my warm climes would raise your interest. Hope it passes with only interest rather than drama. Hard, from here, to imagine. x


  3. In TV ci hanno detto della tempesta di neve che sta per abbattersi su New York e ho subito pensato a te.
    Io sono un po’ come i bambini: adoro la neve, quando cade giù e rende tutto morbido e bianco e silenzioso. Ma poi preferisco restare a casa, al caldo e al sicuro.
    I disagi della neve, quando è troppa, sono tanti.
    Spero tu riesca a tenerci aggiornati e a farci vedere tante belle foto di una NY innevata.
    Un abbraccio

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    • Ciao e grazie infinite per i pensieri! Siamo tutti a casa, non ci sono treni e c’e’ un divieto di guida su tutte le strade!
      Faro’ delle foto una volta tornata fuori:) Sono d’accordo che da bambini, la neve e’ magica ma da grande, meno a causa dei problemi portati con essa!
      Grazie di nuovo per il messaggio😃
      Buona giornata,

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  4. This is so impressive! stay safe my dear, I don’t even dare telling you how cold we are in Seoul… with a hardly a few degrees 😛
    No wonder Juno is feminine. Like for the cyclones and major natural disasters, the worse ones are given feminine names. Yep, women have always been stronger, in any way I guess…
    Great choice of WB for your pictures. It really emphasis the feeling of cold to me. Focus on it, almost. They are great 🙂
    Take good good care and all my warmest thoughts all the way to NYC!


    • Hi there! Oh, I can imagine it’s chilly in Seoul! Hang in there!
      I learned Juno is feminine…It’s interesting they chose a goddess’ name? I wonder why! Strength as you say?
      Thanks about the photos…I love black and white pics and I figured it would give an old-time vibe…it’s interesting that it brought the cold through too!
      Thank you for your thoughts and concern…we are all stuck at home, so I’m relaxing with warm cup of coffee!
      Enjoy your trip and look forward to pics too!
      All my best,


  5. One winter when I went home early because of snow a group of kids were playing across the street in the snow and they were laughing a lot and having a good time. It reminded me of my youth.

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  6. I did think of the NY bloggers that i follow (only a few of y’all) and well the photos are just simple and fun – you can feel the chill in the air and the arms out gathering up the snow…. glad it was not worse –

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  7. As a kid snow used to fascinate me, since I had never seen it outside of movies. As a New Englander today, I am tired of relentless snow, with crazy temperatures. Can’t wait for spring! 🙂

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