Overheard on the Streets of New York…

While I was walking down Fifth Avenue today, I overheard a couple in front of me who were having an interesting conversation.

I only caught a quick snippet but here’s what they said:

Woman to Man: Oh, did you hear about Carol and Sam?

Man to Woman: Yes, can you imagine how much fun they’re having?!

That’s it…that’s all I heard before the drowning sound of a street cleaning truck whizzed its huge brush by the curb and the rest of their conversation became inaudible.

The couple then trailed off in a different direction and so I was left, wondering…

What the heck were Carol and Sam doing? Why were they having so much fun?

All day long, I couldn’t get these two mystery people out of my head.

So I came up with some possible scenarios as to why Carol and Sam were having so much unadulterated fun:

Carol has spent half her married life trying to convince Sam to take trapeze lessons and today he finally gave in.  Sam now calls himself “The Flying Sambone” and Carol is his trusty sidekick.

Sam always wanted to eat his way through New York’s “Little Italy” neighborhood yet Carol always had their waistlines in mind.  Today Carol finally lost herself in reckless abandon and they both were seen on Mulberry Street with enough cannoli and cream puffs in tow to feed the entire cast of “The Sopranos”.

Sam and Carol decided to renew their vows while skydiving over Manhattan.  Unfortunately high winds forced their landing site to be on a moving Staten Island Ferry.  Shocked passengers filmed their perilous descent and their video went viral. Sam and Carol now are enjoying more YouTube hits than that piano-playing cat or the boy who bit his brother’s finger.

Sam plans on entering in the July 4th Coney Island hotdog-eating contest.  Carol will be his coach and so today they embarked on a new daily routine of a hotdog for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The Stock Market skyrocketed in pork belly trades and mustard imports.

Or maybe….?




  1. Lia – you are totally fun! and the vow renewal was my top choice – and side note -w e were laughing the other day when my husband had a friend come to him once day (years ago) and he asked if my husband could “help make one of those videos that goes viral…:”
    yeah, let;s get right on it.
    and for me, I say Carol and Sam….
    well let’s see – they were invited to sit in live at one of those studios and will be an active part of the show for something – and they will get paid for it.

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    • Thank you, thank you:))) I am so glad you enjoyed the post and your scenario for Carol and Sam is super! I bet they are TV buffs!
      And lol about making a viral video… I often think the same but have no idea what kind of video I would make!
      Have a lovely start to your day!


      • yeah I think a viral video is pretty special when it happens and it takes a bit of luck and timing – and that has to be what happened to these two.
        and another quick side note – when we were do ing the tourist thing visiting the plaza hotel – I will never forget walking behind an guy and girl who just had drinks art the bar in the plaza – and he was l;eating and screamed (well loudly said) :whoo – now that is what I am talking about – drinks at the Plaza” and I was just really captured by his – well his joy – or enthusiasm – and as we went into the hotel I cherished it a bit more.

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  2. 2nd scenario is pretty cool to me ;)) Your post made me smile all the way! I think they are having so much fun because they eventually went on this sabbatical, after all those years of saving and working like crazy. And… believe it or not.. they love it 😉

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  3. Hum…I will reveal the truth and bring some spices to this story.
    I heard that they are having an affair and they are both married with 4 children each. They are happy because their partners agreed to have an open relationship. So it is all set and done. By the way, they are neighbours.

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    • Thank you so much!! I’m so glad to make you smile:)
      I hope Carol and Sam are on the circus circuit somewhere by now!!!
      And yes, I am sure people are talking about Sue & Dave and all the fun!!!
      Sending good morning wishes your way,

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  4. “Carol and Sam both quit their long-time corporate careers, bought a tiny house boat, and have begun very slowly sailing around the world.”

    They recently docked in Rio de Janeiro and updated their Facebook pages, prompting the conversation you overheard! 🙂

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  5. What a fabulous post Lia – I shall be listening out for snippets of conversation now so I can imagine how they end!! You must have endless fun with this in NY catching conversations!! Keep the stories coming, this really brightened my morning!!! :o)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh grazie cara!! I’m so glad to make your morning brighter:) Yes I’m constants keeping my eyes and ears open throughout the city… It’s fun to imagine the entire conversation! Try it out in la bella Venezia!:) And keep us posted!


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