Friday Photo Feature: New York City: “Looking Up”

Take a stroll on any New York City street and you’ll notice something interesting…

New Yorkers tend to look down when they walk.

Perhaps New Yorkers go around with a groundward gaze because we are:

Afraid of an open manhole cover?…

Weary of accidental eye contact with fellow Gothamites?…

Intent on avoiding any “surprises” dropped by passing pigeons?…

So recently I decided to try something radical…

I looked up.

And here’s what I saw…

Chrysler Blurry Jan 16 1

Empire Jan 16

Black and White Jan 16 3

look up blue Jan 16

Grand Central Jan 16 4

Grand Central Jan 16 6

Subway stairs


  1. Awesome photos as usual! I love the shot coming up the subway stairs. I was tourist most typical back during our November trip- I easily took 50 pictures just of the Freedom Tower from every possible angle. You can definitely tell who the locals are as they fly by with headphones on and eyes on phone screens. I thought I was a fast walker, but New Yorkers know fast! 🙂

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    • Oh thank you so much!!! I remember you wrote about your NYC trip and took great shots too!
      I realized everyone walks around, as you say, looking at phones etc… There is beautiful architecture at every angle, especially above!
      Have a great weekend!!


  2. oh don;t tease me like this – argh! but then at the same time it was a shared journey and I enjoyed looking up with you – nyc rocks and your variety of pcis had so many things – so many thing you would never see in a brochure – 🙂

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