“The Numb and the Restless” in New York City

Can eyeballs get frostbite?

They were the only part of my body not wrapped in wool today.  New York City was cold…really cold…

Today was the kind of day when you pray to the weather gods, promising never again to complain about the heat in summertime if they’ll just raise the temperature by a couple of degrees…

It was the kind of day when the moment you step outside of Starbucks, your cappuccino becomes an instant iced coffee…

It was the kind of day when the NYC corner hotdog vendor sells you a side of mittens and scarves…Hold the mustard and sauerkraut.

…And the kind of day when even animals try to escape the cold.  I swear I saw a pigeon wearing earmuffs…

Yes, today was the kind of day when my crowded subway commute was actually a relief, knowing that the body heat would provide a brief respite from Mother Nature’s frozen pipes.

And upon entering the subway, She graced me with the fortune of finding a seat.

So I gingerly squeezed my parka-packed body between a man playing Space Invaders on his iPhone and a woman knitting a skull-emblazoned sweater…

Even though my current position meant I wouldn’t be able to move my arms for the next 20 minutes, I didn’t mind being New York’s answer to a “subway sandwich” today…

The warmth felt good and so I soldiered on…

As more and more passengers got on the subway, my frustration for the freezing Fahrenheit seemed to fade away.

Although we all probably preferred to be back in our warm beds, we were called out into this “Concrete Tundra” today because of our work, our school, or some other duty.

We were comrades of the cold. Someone even cracked a smile…

And this is what made today’s temperatures a little more tolerable.

Yet tomorrow, I wouldn’t object if the gods of sunshine, heat, and humidity decide to meet up in Manhattan and hang out over a cup of coffee.

This time, it would be steaming hot.


  1. I liked your description of the subway ride and your fellow passengers. I can imagine how being huddled together in such cold weather would be a good thing. When it is cold here I find it very hard to go out into it. Cold her is usually in the 50s or sometimes 40s. I will not tell you the temperature here because I think you will curse the weather gods in New York. 🙂

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    • Oh thank you for not telling me the temps there:) but the weatherguy on TV showed the US map and I got a look at the West Coast! It’s ok, one day soon it will be warm here again!
      Thank you and I am glad you enjoyed reading 🙂
      Have a lovely weekend,

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  2. Oh my dear, so sorry to hear mother nature has been so careless…
    I won’t complain anymore about non-stop rain here because temp went up to 52. Ouch! Sorry!
    Come and spend the weekend in Amsterdam….

    Your description of the train journey was hilarious and witty!

    Hope you spend a warmer weekend!


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  3. Just reading you made me feel the cold up to the Philippines. I will keep you post preciously for all those days I am complaining about the heat…. Brrr… I am sending you tons of sunshine ! X

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