“Big Apple” Pie

How sweet it is!

Thanksgiving may be over but New Yorkers seem to still crave desserts!

Last night on the subway ride home, a man sat in front of me, holding a gorgeous, golden, glistening apple pie in his hands.

No box, no bag… Just an apple pie.

It wasn’t the strangest thing I’d ever seen on the subway, by any means, but it was rather peculiar…

My fellow passengers and I couldn’t help but observe him, holding his “tempting companion”….

As the evening subway ride lagged on, the man started to grow sleepy. His eyelids seemed heavy and his body was getting limp.

The more the man drifted towards slumber, the lower the pie inched towards the subway floor.

Inevitably, a few moments later, his body finally gave in to his exhaustion….

And you guessed it…the pristine, pretty pie slipped right from his weary hands.

Yet all was not in vain!

The lady next to me sprang from her seat and volleyed the beautiful baked good, back to its upright position…just before it hit the floor!

The man woke from his nap and quickly understood what his pastry savior had done!

He thanked her profusely and we all smiled…

Now if he’d only shared a piece of his pie with us!!!


Photo by Lia and her iPhone 6



  1. Ok I have to be the cynical New Yorker here…. Who takes an unsecured pie on to mass transit? I’m just picturing someone sneezing on it or smudging it as everyone crams on. I don’t know just seems like he was looking for pie trouble ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. Phew, it would have been a tragedy if it had hit the floor! Lovely post Lia, and now I want a slice of apple pie…..which is going to be tricky….might have to take myself out for a cake from the bar at the end of the street to compensate….!! ;o)

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