Friday Photo Feature: New York City / Nov. 21st

I’m just going to flat-out say it….This Friday’s Photo Feature has me contemplating the word, “flat”.

At times, this word can have a negative connotation.

For example:

Your hair can be flat.

Your beer can be flat.

Your tire can be flat.

Your souffle’ can be flat.

Your voice can be flat.

Your feet can be flat.

You can be flat broke.

You can fall flat.

Plus, the greatest of explorers thought the world was flat and one inch past the edge, you’d be eaten by sea monsters….

What does all this have to do with this week’s iPhone Friday Photo Feature: New York City?!

Well, I’d like to introduce our Friday tour with instead a positive way to celebrate the word, “flat”.

The Flat Iron District is a lovely neighborhood of Manhattan that is of course home to the iconic Flat Iron Building (built in 1902).  This amazing area of NYC also hosts numerous restaurants, art galleries and shops.

So come take a quick tour of the Flat Iron District with me!   You’ll fall in love with this New York neighborhood in 2 minutes FLAT!


flat iron bigThe Flat Iron Building between 5th Avenue and Broadway at 23rd Street

flat in sun

Another view of the Flat Iron Building

metropolitan life building

The Metropolitan Life Building (built in 1911 to resemble the ‘Campanile’ bell tower in Venice, Italy)

vicki secret

Shops along Fifth Avenue and East 19th Street


Everyone loves souvenirs from the Flat Iron District

(All photos here were taken by Lia with her iPhone 6.  Edited with the Camera+ app)



  1. Fun fact about the MetLife building! Did not know that but thought there was a similarity. Where are pictures of Eatly? I think that may be one of the highlights of this area (at least that’s what my stomach thinks!)


  2. I always wanted to live in the Flat Iron building. Somewhere near the top in the middle of the V. That’s where I’d live! Oddly enough, I never once entered the place to see what it was like. Have you gone inside? Even on the ground floor? Go visit for me and tell me what you see!


  3. My great-great-grandfather worked as a stone mason on the Flat Iron building. Though our history in NYC goes much further back than that, it’s a tangible reminder of our legacy. I miss the city so very much! Like you I have considered the HR Valley! So beautiful up there!

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  4. well as a new follower – I have plenty of back posts to catch up on here – and so glad I made it to this one today.

    my father-n-law uses the term “b-flat” to describe a low quality or disappointing event of item – and well, this post was NOT that – it did not fall flat!

    – and loved the different views of Flat Iron Building – also I was wondering how old it was and now I know – built in 1902-

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