Friday Photo Feature / New York City

Friday night is finally here!

It’s 9:00pm and I’m getting ready to begin my weekly iPhone Friday Photo Tour of New York City with you!

But my hair is still wet, my nails still tacky and I just broke a heel….

Don’t worry ’bout it!  New Yorkers stay cool under pressure and the show must go on!

(Anyway, I’ve made 11:00pm dinner reservations for us at that cute new Thai place downtown so we’ll have plenty of time for a quick tour!)


empire cartoon

Empire State Building / Manhattan


Mirrored office buildings : 42nd Street and Madison Avenue / Manhattan


Steam-filled streets : Broadway and Columbus Avenue near 65th Street / Manhattan

taxi turn

Turning taxi : 42nd Street and Madison Avenue / Manhattan

lincoln center lights

Lincoln Center performance attendees waiting for the show / Manhattan

taxi line

Taxi brigade : 72nd Street and Broadway / Manhattan



  1. Thanks Lia for another glimpse into NY. I touched on a NY experience in my blog this week. Your picture tour is great – a way to see the city from an insider’s perspective. Really enjoying the ride.


  2. Love your photos! I’m headed to New York in about three weeks and its been years since I’ve been there. I’m really excited and your photos make me even more excited. Thanks for sharing!


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