Friday Photo Feature: New York City

  • Have you highlighted your guide book?
  • Have you packed those teeny-weeny shampoo bottles into your carry-on luggage?
  • Have you decided where you want to have dinner? Chinatown? Little Italy? SoHo?
  • Have you practiced your New York accent? Fuggedaboutit!

It’s Friday and that means another all-expense paid trip on a short journey around NYC, courtesy of Lifestyles with Lia and my trusty cell phone.

Get ready for a whirlwind tour!

(But don’t worry, if your feet get tired, we’ll stop and I’ll buy you a hot pretzel from the cart).


brooklyn bridgeThe Brooklyn Bridge

Staten Island ferryThe Statue of Liberty (seen from the Staten Island ferry)

shoes on poleThe Bronx

ChryslerThe Chrysler Building – (seen from Fifth Avenue & 42nd Street)

(all photos were taken by me and enhanced with the Camera+ app for iPhone)


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