Letter from a Former Lover…

My dearest Lia,

I heard that you were thinking to break up completely with me…I beg you to reconsider.

Our lifelong love affair doesn’t have to end.  We’ve started each day together and have become part of the New York scene!

Remember the first time we met over a steamy cup of coffee?  You told me you’d been tempted by another, who albeit sweet and of the upper crust, you considered too flaky.

And so instead, you chose me.  And you loved me exactly as I was: puffed up, a bit dense and lacking a true center.  Yet we still had great breadth and depth to our relationship!

But now, you’ve been wondering about someone else, perhaps leaner and less stuffy.

So if it’s this you desire, please at least savor and enjoy one last morning with me — alone…

And then tomorrow, I’ll admit my defeat to your protein-packed paramour!



full bagel


whole eaten bagel


  1. There is no WAY you can live in NYC and give up bagels! Do you know how far I have to drive to get a decent bagel? 70 miles!! Please, for the love of cream cheese, don’t do this!! 😉


    • LOL! I’m literally laughing out loud…seriously, I’m not just using the acronym!
      Ok, ok, I’ll think about reconsidering! I’m sorry you need to drive so far for a good one…Not at all to rub it in, but I literally live right above a bagel shop….that’s why it’s so darn hard to quit! The smell alone in the morning reels me in like a fish…
      I’m sending you a virtual care package, via cyberspace, full of poppy-seeded and pumpernickel! 🙂


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