Pizza Panacea

I work in Manhattan in an area not far from a popular university.  In this neighborhood, the light poles that line the streets are often checkered with colorful flyers, beckoning college students to attend upcoming campus events.

This morning on my way to work, I spied a bright, neon pink flyer that was drooping wet on a pole after a quick rain shower.

It read:

“Come to the Student Council Meeting todayFREE PIZZA!”

The words, “FREE PIZZA!” reminded me of my own college days when we (as hungry, penny-pinching students) would go to any campus event just to score a slice of sausage or pepperoni pie….gratis!

And it didn’t even matter what kind of event it was: an Old World folk dancing class; a dissertation about Renaissance women’s footwear; a conference about Etruscan musical instruments or a seminar on whale mating calls…..

Free pizza was our prize.

So today’s “FREE PIZZA!” flyer made me wonder how fabulous it would be if our daily lives even after college still included “FREE PIZZA!”


“Come to the dentist for your root canal – FREE PIZZA!”

Come to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to renew your Driver’s License – FREE PIZZA!

“Come to talk with your accountant about your recent tax audit  – FREE PIZZA!”

“Come to the pharmacy for your flu shot – FREE PIZZA!”

Come to your boss’s office to discuss the new company dress code — FREE PIZZA!”


Yes my friends, imagine how wonderful our lives would be if cheese could cure any crisis, if garlic greeted any grievance, and if tomatoes treated any trouble !

Buon appetito!


  1. My 11 year old son would love this to be true of adulthood. His catch phrase is “PIZZA” if you could call that a catchphrase. I find it odd that everyone seems to know that that’s his answer to every question! =)


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