Ticket for Time Travel….

I’m a newbie at blogging and so it still strikes me amazing how the words that I write on my 2008 MacBook (while sitting in my New York apartment, watching “Dancing With The Stars” and eating kale for dinner) can literally fly across the Internet and reach your computers, your phones, your tablets — in all four corners of the world.

And I get a thrill hearing that soft, little chime (thanks to the WordPress app) telling me I have a new message from a “liker” or “follower”. And sometimes it’s a message from someone, in a different time zone than mine, who’s reading the same words that I wrote today — only it’s already tomorrow….


For example, I’m writing this on Monday evening in New York but it’s Tuesday morning somewhere…and someone is sitting with a hot cup of coffee, having breakfast, and reading the blog post that I wrote at dinner tonight (while I enjoyed some killer tango moves and a steaming bowl of Vitamin K).

Thanks to the power of the Internet, my words have a first-class ticket to the other side of the globe. (More champagne, please…oh, and could you bring another fluffy pillow?)

My words don’t need a passport or a visa. They get to visit lands that I have yet to reach. My words enter your homes, your offices, your train car — and they spend time with you. (Ok, that sounds kind of creepy — not intended to be).

My words might keep you company at the doctor’s office, on the treadmill, at the bus stop, or at that cute café on that cute street with that cute barista making you a cute cappuccino.

Thanks for allowing my words to see your worlds….


  1. Isn’t it amazing!? This is something I really find amazing. Those timezones. And yes, I am actually writing you from your future 😉 as it is Tuesday about lunch time here in Down Under 🙂 I always loved the idea of basically being in the future (in some sort of way, because it actually does not really work…). So for your info: Tuesday is pretty good so far. So enjoy whatever you are doing right now and relax, as it will be fine tomorrow 😉

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  2. Excellent post! I sometimes forget that the words I write right now here in the U.S. can resonate with someone on the other side of the world. That someone actually takes the time to read my blog is humbly. You captured the words perfectly.


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