The Secret to Happiness (found in an iPhone 6)

Can technology bring you happiness?

Yesterday I decided to find out and went to buy the new iPhone 6…brand-spankin’ new technology, hot off the Apple presses.

I figured the hype would’ve died down here in NYC since its debut last Friday. But as I drove feverishly towards the Apple Store, my heart dropped when I saw the snaking line of eager iPhone 6 hopefuls. It reminded me of the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie or something – sans buttered popcorn and sticky floors, that is…

For a moment, I almost gave up…but I held firm.  I sauntered up to the smiling, blue-shirted Apple attendant, gave him my name and then sluggishly moved to the end of the line.

There were all types of people waiting there: freckled tweens in braces with fashionable Uptown mothers in tow, bespectacled Baby Boomers in baseball hats, stressed out thirty-somethings with crying kids in karate outfits, cool Brooklyn hipsters with long beards and skinny jeans…

And me.

Passersby sarcastically asked, “What are you guys waiting for?” to which we begrudgingly answered, “The iPhone 6” in unison, like a chorus of robots.

Another guy yelled out, “You didn’t get it yet?” Thanks a lot, buddy.

After 60 minutes of hanging on, some line attendees started getting antsy and a few weak souls even dropped off the line. My patience too began to wane and my belly growled in hunger.  Was that a hotdog stand I spied at the corner? Or was it just a cruel mirage?

I started to wonder if this iPhone 6 thing was really worth it? After all, it’s just a phone.

But I held strong and actually channeled my grandparents, who came to the U.S. from Italy.  In the New World, they arrived off a sweaty steamship to encounter never-ending lines at Ellis Island. This was nothing like that, not even close. Surely I could wait on this line if they waited on that one.

So as the hands of my watch struck 4, the line crept a bit closer towards the store entrance. My journey was almost over. A twang of nostalgia for my line mates actually came over me.  In the hours standing there, I’d made buddies with my fellow comrades in technology….even with the one who was the Samsung “convert”.

When my name was called, I proudly marched into the store and was greeted by another smiling, blue-shirted Apple attendant. She took my information and swiped my credit card into that hand-held doohickey…Ahhhh, the moment I’d been waiting for was almost here!

“Denied”, she said dryly.

“Denied? What? I just paid my credit card bill!” I cried.

Just as my hopes of iPhone 6 bliss were almost bruised, my credit card company called me with a fraud alert. They wanted to make sure it was in fact Lia who was buying this high-priced thingamajig.

So with yet another swipe of my card and a few more clicks, taps, and beeps, I was all set.  Nothing could stop me from getting my new bundle of joyous hardware!

I swaddled my glorious gift in a plastic Apple bag and held it closely by my side. Wow, I was now the proud owner of an iPhone 6. All the waiting, worrying, and whining was worth it.

Now if I could only remember where I parked my car…..


  1. Like this post and the way you tied in your grandparents coming to Ellis Island and you waiting for the iphone. I don’t know if I would have had your patience and then to have the credit card glitch. Oh no. Glad it worked out ok 🙂


  2. Haha I’m enjoying reading your posts, they’re great! I wish I could spend ages on this reading away but I’m currently using a wifi key and only have 10GB a month! Yes, that’s right. Trying to manage my own blog & enjoy others can be a bit of a struggle at times. I’ve been thinking of getting the iPhone 6…even although it’s soooo expensive!


    • Ciao! Thanks so much for your follow and yr very kind feedback.. It means so much to me..
      And I understand what you say about managing blogs and Internet access…
      I look forward to your next delicious recipe:)
      Grazie ancora e saluti da NYC!!!


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