Grin and Bear it in NYC

On my way to work in Manhattan, I stumbled upon this giant teddy bear amidst trash bags on the side of the bustling street.

I figured I’d write about its situation (from the bear’s point of view, of course).


Dear Kid,

I’m glad you played that roulette wheel game at the San Gennaro Italian feast last summer…otherwise you might never have realized how lucky you are.

I remember so vividly when you asked your parents for a dollar and placed it on number 25 – your favorite.

Everyone watched in suspense as that rickety wheel plinked its way around and around, just like that game show on TV.  Your eyes grew wide and your breath short, when the wheel began to slow and number 25 was nearing the red arrow at the top of that wheel.

When your favorite number was called, your dad scooped you up into his muscular arms, hugging you tightly.  Your mom patted you proudly on the back. The game attendant took me down from my hook and I literally jumped into your small, skinny arms. Hey, it was lonely up there….

Seeing our vast difference in size, your dad decided it was best he carry me instead.  On his shoulders, I felt like a king, parading high above the crowd.  And when we took the subway home, everyone grinned at us.  I felt so happy for you. “You’re one lucky kid” someone said. I saw you blush.

At home, I soon realized though that I was bigger than you all had expected…Your tiny apartment didn’t seem to need anything to make it even smaller.

In spite of this, you still kept me and lovingly placed me by your bedroom window.  Soon, I made friends with the feathery pigeons who roosted on your sill and I also got chummy with a couple of dust bunnies who’d found a permanent home under your bed.

But now I hear you’re moving away.  And your parents say there’s not enough room in the van… It’s OK, I understand.

And so I wanted to tell you that it was fun to be your friend this year.  And also to say I’m glad I could soothe you during the thunderstorms.  Oh, and also that I forgive you for throwing up on me when you ate too many of those gummy worms.

Now don’t go worrying about me.  I’ll be just fine.  In fact, I bet someone’s gonna find me here right before the sanitation truck arrives.  I’ll make another kid happy again in this neighborhood….

So all that’s left for me to say is “thank you!”

And in life, please don’t forget how lucky you are…and please don’t ever say you never win anything….





  1. Loved this cute little story! I LOVE thinking about inanimate objects as having thoughts and feelings. I just think it is such an interesting point of view. I read a book recently called Divine Right’s Trip and the first chapter was written from the perspective of an old hippie bus that it’s owner totally abused and it was just SUCH an interesting way to start off a book. Made you really think about the characters and how they treated things. I loved it. Anyway, good bear story. You can really feel his sadness.


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